Thursday, June 21, 2012

Where's the money?

Oh, you guys! I feel so butt-hurt LOL. This is the first time this has ever happened to me at a job. So at closing time, my boss and I are counting our drawers, and mine decides to come up  as 81 dollars OVER. Not short, but over. Having your drawer be either is still bad either way. Anyways, we realize that this is completely wrong and start scrambling our brains to figure out exactly where it went wrong. We ended up having to count all of the cash drawers that were used today and re-count our drawers, count the safe, ... all kinds of things. Well we didn't exactly calculate where it went wrong, even after calling our main boss lady. And well frankly, this sucks. Like I said before, this is the first time this had ever happened to me, and I know I didn't take it, but that it was left in my drawer. I just really want to know what happened, and the only thing that really sticks out to me is that I had a conversation with one lady customer for about 10 minutes. I know that she didn't really buy a lot but enough to get a big bag, and that she paid in cash. And that's where I'm thinking I might have not handed her back her change. But I COULD HAVE SWORN THAT I DID!! Ya' see? And even if I didn't, you'd think that she would have said something, unless she was so into talking to me that she didn't notice. Anywho, I didn't mean to do it and I feel horrible for having something like this happen, especially if it were my fault. It makes me not only feel bad but look bad too, because people can get fired for having their drawers over or under a certain amount. And 81 dollars is quite a lot to be missing/over. Oh well, I will still take full responsibility for what happened, because I should have been paying more attention either way.

Stay Creative

Creativity is one of the critical key factors to staying happy and in learning how to keep moving forward. I like to stay creative in all of my interests. Sometimes, I have trouble in staying creative or finding motivation and inspiration in things. If you have the same problem, here are a few ways to think creatively!

And if that didn't help you, check out this weird video.

50 Things You Don't Need to Know

I find it interesting when I know others with seemingly useless knowledge because it often makes for great conversation in my eyes, even if I do not understand, because the more knowledge you have the better off you are. Here are 50 things you don't need to know.

50 Things you don't need to know

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Psychology of color.

Ever since I moved in with my boyfriend, I've turned into a pretty little house wife, although we are not married. In other words I've just been into the whole "tending to a house" thing, ya know like what are the best cleaning supplies to use, laundry detergent, keeping good and healthy food in the house, making everything nice and pretty, you know that kind of stuff. Although I cannot have everything the way I really want it, because his family lives with us and most of the house is cluttered with their stuff, I try to keep up with the upkeep lol. While I was on StumbleUpon, I found this nifty little website about the psychology of color and what colors you should paint your house for the best results. Check it out!

Apocalyptic Index

I doubt I'm the only one who believes in any kind of post-apocalyptic world, right? And to be honest, anything could happen. I'm not just talking about zombies or aliens, but about disease/infection outbreaks, military control, nuclear warfare, etc. Well anywho, since I believe in this, I've taken the liberty of making myself savvy in the whole knowing how to survive stuff. Well, I'm trying anyways. Plus even if nothing ever happens, it'd be a wonderful array of skills to have, right?