Friday, May 17, 2013

Chapter Three- Blind

Chapter Three


Okay, home and safe, finally. I don’t know what the hell happened back there, but I sure am spooked now. I wonder where Jake is, he hasn’t answered any of my phone calls today. -Sigh- Maybe I will just go ahead and take one pill, just one. Maybe it will calm my nerves a bit.

So I took out a blue pill from my bag of goodies and popped it in my mouth and drank it down with some Patrón. It tasted like shit, but I knew the effects would feel absolutely wonderful! I decided to lie down for a few minutes and try to forget what I saw, or at least what I thought I saw.

I woke up drenched in sweat, But HIGH AS FUCK! The demon’s drugs were in full speed. My hands were shaking rapidly and I felt as if I were floating on clouds and swimming in water at the same damn time! I decided to get something to drink other than alcohol.

Some water would do the trick, all I need to do is hydrate my body and I can enjoy the drugs like they’re meant to be.

I looked out the window to find that it was now dark outside.

Where the fuck is Jake? Is he okay? That bastard better be okay!

I tried his cell phone again, but still to no avail.

Well, it’s only 9 o’clock, maybe he is on his way.

 I decided to go take a shower since I stunk from sweating so badly.

Actually, I think I will take a bath instead. I haven’t done that kind of relaxation is such a long time.

I readied the water, steaming hot, just how I liked it. I poured in a little bit of bath salt and lit a few candles to really set the mood.

-Aahhh- This feels soooo woonderrffuullll.

Now I could really feel the drugs taking effect. I felt as though I sounded like I was talking in slow motion, like you do when you use whip-its, even though I was thinking to myself. Or had I actually said that out loud? I didn’t know, I was high!

The bath felt so good I fell asleep again, but not for so long this time. I awoke within minutes, and decided that taking a bath may not have been the best idea. Plus I was just wasting the drugs now, with all this sleeping and shit. I quickly washed off and stood up to use the shower head to rinse off.

Time to be high and naked!!

I skipped the towel step and chose to air dry.

I stepped in front of the mirror.



Came over me.

My mouth dropped in dead silence as I looked in the mirror. I figured I died and this was Hell for me. I thought I must have been dreaming. I thought I was blind. I thought I was possessed. I thought I was dead.

I wished I were dead.

I didn’t understand how I could be seeing this.

How is this even happening? Where-? Where are my eyes? How can I tell that I don’t have eyes? I see myself, with no eyes. But.. I SEE myself!

My eye sockets didn’t even look like eye sockets anymore. In place of my eye balls were just black holes. I couldn’t see anything, ha!, but emptiness in my eyes. I thought I would have at least seen my brain or something..? Maybe? Just.. emptiness. Not darkness, no. Pure emptiness.

Am I seeing into my soul? Am I dreaming? Am I dead? (Why is all the rum gone?)

I don’t recall how long I stood there naked staring into my lifeless eyes, but it was long enough to make my feet eventually hurt. I looked down, to make sure my feet were still there. When I looked back to the mirror… the mirror was gone. And then everything went black. I now knew my eyes were really gone- I couldn’t see anything! My hands searched into the air to find something to hold on to.. but…  I couldn’t find anything…

I touched my face, to make sure I was still physically here. My hands went over where my eyes should have been, and to my surprise I was taken back!

“AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!” I screamed.

Now in place of my eyes….-I couldn’t tell what it was. But I know what it felt like. It felt slimy. It felt wet. It felt small. It felt like a baby’s hand, reaching out of my eye sockets…

I screamed even louder. I ran out of the bathroom into nothingness. I thought I was running through the hallway in my house, still naked, but this wasn’t my hallway. It was much too long a corridor. I couldn’t see anything, I just kept running. Running in the dark. Running in Hell. Running by myself and my baby hands with me. Running for my life. Running away from my high. Running in space. Running in frozen time. Running… running…. Running… but from what? I was so high I forgot why I was running..

I stopped. I didn’t know what to do now.

Do I keep running to nowhere? Do I just try to go back? I still can’t see.

Instead I just lied down.

Okay, I’m either dead or crazy. Maybe I should just lie here. Turn to dust. Turn to nothingness like everything around me. Allow my insanity to overcome me. Allow my insanity… to consume me.

To be continued....

Sneak peek of Chapter Four

Chapter Four


I never know what comes over me; maybe I know this man too well or maybe he is a regular customer of mine; either way I look into his glove compartment. I always find the same small bag of some kind of white powder along with a small mirror, a razor and a cut straw. As usual, I carefully pour out the contents of the bag onto the mirror and begin to chop it up with the razor. Once finished, I use the straw to snort the drugs. As I do so, I see myself in the mirror. I am wearing heavy makeup; lots of mascara, eye liner, bright neon pink lipstick, and a little bit of blush.  And, as always, right after snorting my given poison, I feel the sting of a needle in my left arm. The driver had stuck me with a needle full of heroin. And I black out.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Chapter Two- Incubi

Chapter Two


I couldn’t help but think about what I thought I saw as I walk towards a nearby ABC store.
Am I hallucinating? I know I’m not on drugs quite yet… I haven’t taken anything. And I haven’t drunk anything that anyone could’ve poisoned me with… I think I’m just tired or something… or I’m going crazy like I always thought I would…

I thought about it and thought about it, trying to make sense of it all.. but nothing I mustered up made any sense to me. Eventually I gave up and tried to go on with my day as normal..

Today is my 21st birthday. And I want to get FUCKED UP! Today is the first day of my life that I can buy alcohol legally. So let’s do it!

As I walked into the ABC store, my eyes were met with wonders upon shelves. Bottles and bottles of delicious toxins. I could smell fun and death from the unopened bottles that surrounded me. Right then and there I wanted all the chemical poisons in my body. To feel my entire being go numb from pleasure.  I could feel my body tingle as if I were going to spontaneously orgasm in the middle of the store, in front of all these strangers… and that made me want even more. My body temperature began to rise higher and higher. I felt the heat evaporate from my face, and between my thighs grew hotter and hotter.

Focus! I’ve got to get out of this store before I explode.

I grabbed a half gallon of Jack and a bottle of Patrón and headed for the counter. As I walked through one of the aisles I noticed something funny. Everyone in the store was staring at me, unmoving. They formed a tight, almost sacrificial, circle around me. Their gazes seemed so unreal, like they were possessed by incubi. Their faces looked so mischievous, really like they wanted to gang rape me.  Their stares seemed to pierce my innocence. The only problem was… we weren’t asleep.

If I close my eyes and re-open them, maybe everything will be back to normal…

Still in the circle, they now had turned their backs towards me, still unmoving.

Seriously… what the fuck is going on??

One by one they began to turn to face me again. But this time, their faces were gone. It just looked like someone had taken a wash cloth and simply wiped their faces away, like you would make up.                                              It was at that moment I realized I was the only female in this store.

Could it be possible that they sensed my near orgasm? Could it be that they knew what I wanted? Could they give me what it was that I yearned for? Is it bad that I almost want them to take me? Wait! What am I saying?

 One by one they moved closer, forming an even tighter circle. I couldn’t help but notice what’s been growing in their pants by now. I could see the outlines of the snakes, slithering with eagerness to penetrate me.  Some were bigger than others, but for the most part they were all at least 7 inches in length. A few of them were juicy looking, even inside their pants. The closer they got, the more and more their snake-like cocks moved, looking for something to destroy, sensing my presence, wanting me..

They DO know what I want. Oh god, I’m so horny. I’ve never been gang banged before, especially from possessed humans. The demons inside could do things to me that the normal human could not.

My mouth began to water, imagining everything they could do to all of my holes. Wondering how hard they could penetrate my ass and my pussy, how far they can shove their cocks down my throat. I wondered how long I would last without taking any drugs to help dull the pain.

Okay, this is bad. I need to go NOW!

Right as I think to leave one of them lunged towards me, whipping his cock out as he did so.

I dashed to break the circle, bottles in hand, getting hit by a few cocks here and there, and headed towards the door. I shoved open the door…and to my surprise I ended up back inside the store. But this time… this time..everything was normal. Everyone had a face and minded their own business.

Okaay…. I AM going crazy….

“Can I help you miss?
I turned around to see one of the employees staring down at me as if I were a low life druggie hyped up on methamphetamine.

“Uh..y-yes. I would like to purchase these, please.” I notice my hands shaking as I hand the money and my identification to the cashier.

“Thank you, come again”, says the cashier as I head towards the door, hoping this time I would end up outside.

“Thanks”, I say.

“Oh! And uh..”, he replies, “enjoy your death trip!”

To Be Continued...

Sneak Peek of Chapter Three

Chapter Three




Came over me.

My mouth dropped in dead silence as I looked in the mirror. I figured I died and this was Hell for me. I thought I must have been dreaming. I thought I was blind. I thought I was possessed. I thought I was dead.

I wished I were dead.

Drug art.