Sunday, December 8, 2013

Chapter Seven- Come Back

Chapter Seven

“Come Back”

It had been three weeks since Rachel had fallen into her coma. Her family and friends were worried, but her boyfriend Jake had become obsessed with the situation and started having awful, wretched nightmares. He lost sleep over these, and with every night, they became worse, more gruesome. More detailed... What he didn’t know was that his dreams were insights to what was going on in Rachel’s head. He watched her die. He watched her being raped. He watched her as she began to lose herself and what reality she had left.

Every day he would visit her in the hospital and stay all day long. He talked to her as if she were conscious to hear him. He hoped something he said would get through to her and help her awake from this horrible slumber.

“I really wish you would say something back to me. Valentine’s Day is in a few days. You’d really like what I have planned for us, baby. I know you’ll love it! I would tell you what it is but that would ruin the surprise…. I love you very much.”

With every passing day Jake became more worried, more obsessed and more foolishly, hopelessly hopeful. He forced himself to believe that he would be the one to bring her out of the coma, so they could be a happy couple once again.