Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Chapter 5- Coma

Chapter Five


[This is where things take a turn. This is where things get gruesome and ugly. This is where all innocence is disturbingly removed from all possible thoughts. This is the horrifically detailed description of what happened during the six months that Rachel was in the hospital, in a drug-induced coma. This is the real story.]

                You know, six months can seem like a very long time for those who are on the outside world, waiting for their loved one of friend or sister or brother to come back to reality, but just imagine the turmoil of the person in the coma. Have you ever been in a coma before? Have you ever been in a coma from a demon’s drug? Imagine this:

What was six months for everyone else in reality was about 7 years for me. That was the most disturbing 7 years of my petty life. 7 very long, demonic, enlightening years. And to this day I still regret nothing.

The last few things I remember before slipping into my slumber was being in the emergency room of the hospital, getting my stomach pumped to purge my system from poisons (delicious, trauma-causing poisons), and the screaming voices of my friends and family.

Oh the screams. They sounded like bloody murder. It sounded like screams from Hell, or the recreation of the end of the world! I could hear my mother cry out my name over and over again. Jake had almost an angry growl with his. His emotions flooded the entire hospital via vocal chords with anger, regret, sorrow, turmoil, and a slight hint of hatred.

After that, I remember lying in the bed and listening to my heartbeat. Ba-bum……..ba-bum……..ba-bum…………….ba-…………ba-bum…….

Childhood thoughts filled my head, my mind racing with memories- my life flashing before me. I remember the times my sister and I used to play school when we were kids, she was always the teacher and I was the student. Ha, she got mad at me sometimes because I didn’t want to play the teacher. I can’t remember why, but it wasn’t my thing I guess.

Another memory flashed before my eyes.

My sister and I were sitting on our bed in our very small room.  We were about 5 or 6 years old. We were watching a TV show that I don’t think we were supposed to be watching. Some kind of soap opera that they only showed at night when all the kids are supposed to be asleep. Anyway, a scene came on where two people were kissing.. French kissing. Well, my sister got the bright idea that we should try that on each other. 

And for whatever reason, maybe both of us being so young and not knowing any better, we did it. It felt weird. Her breath upon my lips, her lips so wet and soft. Our tongues felt slimy, caressing each other’s with naivety. It only lasted for about 5 or 7 seconds, but I will never forget that day. At that moment, our mother walked in on us. We both stopped and stared at her in embarrassment and horror. What had we just done?....

The next memory was a horrible one.

As a child I did a lot of day dreaming. A lot of times I would imagine myself lying in a bed, much like I am now. I never knew where I was but in this room. I would look around the room and notice something strange. It was a white room with really bright lights, no furniture, no windows, no wall decorations, only a door.

And something else.

Someone else.

As I looked to my left I would see a man sitting beside me in a chair. I would never know this man, and I could hardly ever see his face for the shadow of his top hat. He was always wearing a black and red three piece suit, with a red tie and black shoes. He had a long, black cane with a bird’s skull on the top. He had devil horns on both sides of his head. He wore a gold chain and several rings on both hands. I could see he had a tattoo across his knuckles. It read GHOST MAN. He just stared at me with this devilish grin on his face. All of his razor sharp teeth glistened with hunger and delight. His eyes glowing white, piercing my soul. He just stared intently. I always thought he was going to eat me.

I could feel my heart race faster and faster- weaker and weaker… until I blacked out.