Saturday, June 30, 2012

Just Metal

     Although I do love my car, I now feel as though it was a bad monetary decision. It needs a new battery, new tires and rims, insurance and tags. And that's not even the half of it, it needs more work done but that work isn't mandatory. If I want to drive it, it needs what I just said. So, I am left with two options. I can keep it. If I keep it, then I am going to need to buy a car cover, since that's what the city officials said. It doesn't have tags, so it can't sit in the yard without being covered. I also don't have the money at the moment to fix it, so it would just sit in the yard and essentially rot. If I sold it, I probably wouldn't even make any profit, but at least I might be able to make the money back that I put into it. -Sigh- I really like this car too, but I can't afford to keep it any longer. So, any takers? It's a tan colored, 1989 Nissan 300zx.

 Bid starts at $500. That's what I paid for it.

Friday, June 29, 2012


                [Music playing] “So fucking blow those words at the back of your head. I’ve heard it all and I’m done with that shit! You tell me lies and you get what you get, so blow those fucking words at the back of your head!..”
 “Oh, I love this song! I haven’t heard it in forever.” Rachel sits down on the bed next to her laptop as she turns up the volume. She logs onto her Facebook account with the look of boredom on her face. –Why do I even stay up here?  All I do is lurk and wait for people to talk to me.-
                She closes the laptop and goes in search for her boyfriend whom she lives with. “Jake! Jaaaakke! Whar arr yoouu?!!” She walks into the kitchen looking for him. Just as she was about to walk outside to look for him, he walks in from the side door connecting to the kitchen. “Oh hey, there you are. I was looking for you. What are you up to?” she asks.
“Oh, nothing. But are you busy?” he responds.
“No, not really. Why?”
“Oh no reason, but I have a surprise for you. So we should get ready to go.”
“Go where?”
“Uh huh. Okay.” She turns around and goes back to the room to get ready to go nowhere. –I wonder what he’s up to now...-
                After they’re both done getting ready they leave the house. Jake has brought a book bag with him, which looks stuffed to the point of almost bursting. He walks to the car, as if he is about to get in and drive somewhere.
-Oh, are we going somewhere?-
But just as Rachel is about to get in with him he gets back out.
-Oh, so we’re not going anywhere.-
“I thought about plugging my phone in to charge, but I realized that it was alright on the battery life. So, you ready?”
They both start walking down the driveway and onto the road.
“Hey baby, will you carry this?” Jake asks.
“Uh, if you want me to.”
“Sure, no problem.”
“Thank you. I’d carry it on my shoulders but I can’t because of the sunburn. Otherwise I’d just carry it in              my hands but it hurts to do that too.”
                Although Rachel really didn’t want to carry the book bag, she understood how much pain Jake was in from the sunburn. Earlier that week when they had gone to a lake, Jake had forgotten to put on sunscreen until after he had been in the hot sun and water for almost three hours. So consequently, he had blisters and sensitive, red skin on his shoulders, biceps, chest, neck and face, therefore unable to do normal daily activities while being in tremendous pain. She took the book bag and carried it on her back. It wasn’t heavy, but it was full of something.
                They begin walking down their driveway.
-Ah, I bet we’re going to the bridge again. Predictable, but I still like it.-
They walk down their street into an intersection and turn to the left. As they’re walking they pass a few yellow flowers.
“Ooh, they’re pretty.”
Upon hearing Rachel’s comment, Jake decides to go and pick her a few of them.
“Are you picking me flowers?”
“Please don’t. I like them and I’ll appreciate it because I think it’s sweet, but then they’ll just die. You’ll be giving me dying flowers as a present.”
“Whatever, I’m doing it anyway.”
“Don’t—ugh. You did it anyways.”
                Rachel isn’t one for the whole flowers as gifts thing. She feels that though flowers are pretty and it’s a sweet gesture, they’re just going to wilt and die within a matter of minutes. She really can’t stand it when people spend a lot of money on real flowers that would just die the next day or so. But apparently, Jake ignores this and does it anyway because he knows she’d still like it, and he likes to do it.
                They reach a side road to the right and take it. At this point, since Rachel often has a lot of back pain, her back began to hurt. But she doesn’t say anything.
“Hey baby?”
Rachel turns to Jake to see what he wanted when suddenly he just takes her by the hand and pulls her closer to him. He leans in for a big wet kiss, and smothers her lips with his. They stand there in the middle of the road, kissing passionately.
“I love you.”
“I love you too, baby.”
                After their public scene, they begin walking again. They get to the end of the road and take a left. A few hundred feet later and they come across train tracks. To the right of the tracks is a bridge. They’ve been to this bridge before for their one year anniversary and several times since then. It’s like a refuge or sanctuary to them, if you will. They walk underneath the bridge to the spot where they always go to. There are already huge rocks piled in place to help them scale the bridge to a spot where they are allowed to sit. Jake climbs up first in order to help Rachel up. Though they have piled up rocks, it is always difficult to climb up onto the wall, since the rocks always move.
                When they’re both finally up there, Jack unpacks what was in the book bag. He pulls out a thick blanket and three cans of spray paint, white, blue and gray, along with a pipe and a green metal container.
“Wow!” exclaims Rachel. “I thought I heard spray paint in there, but how did you fit that huge blanket in the book bag?”
“I just did! I am the master..”
They spread the blanket down so they can lay on it. It’s around 8:45PM now, and it’s getting quite dark, so they use their cell phones for light in order to see.
                Now lying down, the pipe and green container are being put into play. The smell becomes much stronger as more and more smoke arises from the pipe. A few puffs are taken… a shotgun here and there… and Jake and Rachel are calm and feeling happy. Jake puts up the utensils and picks up the spray paint.
“What are you going to draw?” asks Rachel.
“It’s a surprise.”
So she holds her phone for light, sits back and watches Jake make his masterpiece. He draws a heart in blue paint, and then goes over it in white. He picks up the gray and starts to trace over the heart once more. He pauses.
“Wow that looks horrible. Dammit I fucked up. I thought the gray would make it look like silver, but I realize I need silver… That’s not going to work, I shouldn’t have done that. Ugh, okay let me see if I can fix it.”
He picks up back the blue and completely re-paints the heart, and then again in white.
Above the heart he writes his name in cursive lightly with the white paint. He goes over it in blue, and to our surprise the white leaks through and makes it look icy.
“Wow baby, look how it’s all icy and frosty-looking. Somehow the white leaked through the blue.”
“Oh, that’s pretty cool.”
“Hey I have an idea; you should do the same thing below the heart.”
                Rachel picks up the white and writes her name in cursive, and again in blue. As a final touch, Jake takes the blue paint and writes –N- in the middle of the heart. Both step back to get a better look at it. It reads Jake –N- Rachel, as any couple would write. The picture as a whole looked pretty decent, and they also learned a cool spray paint trick.
                Startlingly, they hear a loud train horn nearby.
“The train is coming!”
                Patiently waiting for the train to arrive their way; they begin another make-out session. It starts with simple kissing, which turns into passionate kissing. Jake likes to use his tongue when he kisses Rachel, and does do quite often. The kisses get hotter as Jake’s hands go lower down her body. First he begins to fondle her breasts, making her nipples hard. His hand goes up her shirt, rubbing every part it comes in contact with. He lifts her shirt and takes her breasts out of her bra, but keeps the bra intact.
                Both of Jake’s hands are squeezing and pinching and rubbing all over her breasts, forcing her nipples to get even harder. They can hear the train getting closer and closer, but that does not deter Jake from stopping. His hand goes a little lower, down to her belt. He unbuckles her belt and unzips her pants. He starts rubbing her crotch on the outside of her panties slowly, trying to arouse her more. He slips his hand in her panties and a finger between her lips, moist and warm.
                At this point she begins to moan a little, getting wetter as he plays with her clitoris.
The sound gets closer.
“Baby”, gasps Rachel, “the train is getting closer. Let’s… wait for it please….”
“But I don’t want to wait.”
                As he says this, he slips two fingers in her pussy and starts to finger her, thrusting upwards every time he goes in. As the noise becomes louder and louder, Rachel becomes more and more nervous. She has a slight fear of trains, plus they’re fucking loud!
 At the spot they’re at, with the train tracks being directly under the bridge, they have perfect view of the train if it were to pass them. 
“But baby, I’m getting scared. Just wait please.”
Jake stops to try to calm her down, “don’t be scared baby. I’m here, I’ll keep you safe.”
He helps her put her clothes back on correctly.
“I know, but it’s still kind of scary.”
“You’ll be fine, I promise. Here, lay back with me.”
                Rachel climbs into his lap and lays back on him. She grabs her jacket and puts it on top of her.
They can hear the sound getting louder, and it seems to be getting closer, but it’s taking a while to reach them. They know there is a train station nearby, so they know it can’t be but so far away. Soon Rachel can see the lights of the train from afar.
“It’s coming! It’s coming! Oh, I’m so nervous! But I’m really excited too!”
“Quick, you should pack the pipe.”
Rachel does as she’s told.
“Oh, I wonder if I can get a picture of this and post it to Reddit. Quick can you hand me my phone too? Hopefully it hasn’t died yet.”
                She acts with haste since the train is now only a few feet away. Before you know it, the train horn is blaring as it passes right by them. They both jump from the bellowing noise. To his surprise, Jake gets at least one decent picture of the train as its right in front of him. The pipe comes into play once more as Rachel inhales the smoke and passes it on to Jake.     
-This is so thrilling! I absolutely love this moment! It’s scary, but it’s so beautiful and romantic. He’s always so good to me.-
Jake turns her head to him and kisses her while the train is still passing by.
“I love you Rachel.”
“I love you too, Jake.”
The train is gone now and there is nothing left but silence.
“Now where were we?” asks Jake.
“Oh wow, and so what, we’re going to act like nothing just happened? Haha, okay. Well If I recall correctly, we were kissing and you were touching me in naughty places!”
“Oh was I? What kind of naughty places? Why don’t you show me where?”
She proceeds to remove her pants and panties, tossing them aside.
He takes her hand and places it on her still moist and warm pussy.
“Rub it.”
                She does as she is told without any kind of resistance. As he watches her rub her clit, he begins to fondly her breasts more and squeeze them in his hands tightly. He places his hand back on hers…. makes her slip one of her fingers into her wet pussy… he slips his finger in too… she gets wetter.
If anyone were outside they probably would have been able to hear the moans and whimpers from Rachel. The feeling of her pussy being fingered is becoming overwhelming- she begins to gasp for air due to the lack of oxygen because she is taking shorter and sharper breaths.
                Jake likes the sound of her whimpering and gasping for air, so he makes it more intense. He wanted to hear her do this more, louder, and more concentrated on him. He caresses her neck before forcefully grabbing it with just enough grip, but not too much to cause injury or bruising. It becomes slightly harder for Rachel to breathe, but it is still possible. This doesn’t bother her because of her submissive tendencies during sex, so she enjoys it quite frankly when Jake does this to her. She commences to moan louder, like she knew Jake wanted her to, even though it’s not easy.
                He fingers her harder, thrusting with each and every time he goes back in.
-Mmmm. I think I’m going to cum... Goddamn it, this feels so amazing.-
“Mmmmmmmph, ahh, ahh, aaaahhh.”
“Yeah, you like that?”
                He stops choking her, slightly chuckling at the way she had spoken- muffled and high pitched. Instead, he becomes completely focused on getting her to cum for him and to scream his name. Harder, faster, and deeper his fingers go. One, two, three fingers. Wet, warm, and cum-filled her pussy turns into.
“Hey baby?”
“Yeah?” responds Rachel as she sits up in her own mess on the blanket.
“Will you give me a blowjob?”
“…Of course!”
                Jake unzips his pants and removes his shoes, socks, and pants altogether. She turns around to see his hard cock appear, and almost instinctively, covers it with her mouth. She licks up and down his shaft, letting her tongue ring massage him. She sucks on the sides of his cock, as if trying to leave hickeys. She licks lower down to his balls in small circles with her tongue ring still massaging him. Though Jake is a hairy man, Rachel doesn’t mind licking and sucking on his balls. However, she absolutely loathes the feeling of hair in her mouth, but she still does it because she knows how much Jake likes it.
                She makes one of Jake’s testicles plop into her mouth so she can suck on it. She does the same for his other testicle. Enthralled, Jake buries her face into his privates and smothers her. After a few seconds she pulls away gasping for air. Immediately, she goes back to having his hard cock in her mouth. Deeper and deeper, he fills her throat full with his dick.  She grabs the base of his penis with his head and most of the shaft still in her mouth and starts sucking and blowing, harder and harder.
[Jake sighs from his enjoyment]
                She sticks her tongue out so he can feel the tongue ring better and slowly goes down on his shaft, his penis sliding into her throat, all the way until she can take no more. But by this point she can feel that the head of his penis is already past her uvula. It’s extremely difficult to breathe when her throat is clogged up like this, so she can’t stay in this position too long, even though she wants to get better at this. But every time she thinks she can handle it, she pushes herself to go deeper and tries to stay like this longer. Just to be able to fully satisfy Jake more than she knows she already does. In all, she just wants to excel in her sexual activities.
“Baby, can I fuck your throat?”
Interrupted from her concentration, Rachel lets up, coughing and gasping for air yet again. “Ah, oh. Yes, but just for a little while. It hurts too, ya know? You tend to get carried away sometimes…”
“I promise I won’t get carried away. I just really want to fuck your throat baby...”
                As requested, she lets him raze her throat with little resistance. Every now and then she must arise for air, coughing hard but getting right back into the rhythm every time.
                Now mind you, these two are still out in public at night. People still walk the streets at night here and could quite easily had seen us. But the fact of, one, doing something you’re not supposed to do in public, and two, having the possibility of getting caught is ecstatic to the both of them. Nevertheless, Rachel still feels paranoid every time they have sex in public, thus constantly being on the lookout for strangers.
“I don’t think I can take anymore… I need a little break baby.” Rachel sits up, partially for air and also because she was getting too paranoid.
“Are you okay?”
“Yeah.  I’m just paranoid. We are still outside, you know.”
“But you like it.”
With no comeback, Rachel just stares off into the darkness.
“This position is hurting my knees, can we switch positions?” asks Rachel while changing sitting positions.
“ Yeah, but can I fuck your throat one more time? Please?”
“[sigh] Ok, one more time.”
                Rachel often finds no trouble in acquiescing Jake’s requests. Again, this goes back to her submissive side. Jake takes her head in his hands and shoves his cock back down her throat with brute force. Deeper and faster, he shoves his cock in, out, in, out, in and out of her throat, but stays completely in her mouth. He stabs her cheeks from the inside, stretching them almost past their limits. He slaps her face with a firm hand, but again not enough to injure her. Sure, her cheeks will be sore afterwards and they might be a little swollen. But no pain, no gain. Not once does he let up; he stays mighty and steady, destroying her throat for his pleasure.
“Baby, can I cum in your throat? You feel amazing. And I really, really want to drown you in my cum.” He strokes her hair and the back of her neck while waiting for an answer.
“Eh, but my knees hurt.”
“I know but I really want you baby, please?!”
“Okay, fine.”
“Mmm, thank you baby. But can I fuck your throat one more time?”
“One more time? That’s what you said last time!”
“I know baby, but you don’t understand how good your throat feels to me. Please?”
“[sigh] Ookayy. Only because I love you.”
                Deep throat.
Jake releases himself inside Rachel’s mouth. She sits up, mouth filled with semen. She savors the flavor for a few seconds before taking one giant swallow in order to get everything all at once.
“So baby”, Jake comments upon watching his girlfriend swallow his jizz with delight, “what position do you want to be in? Where do you want me to be?”
“Oh, you know where I want you to be.”
“Oh, do I? And where is that?”
“Mmm, in my pussy..”
“Well then you should lie on your stomach.”
                She turns around and lies on her tummy. He rubs his still hard cock against her moist pussy. He slaps her lips and clit with the head of his dick. He puts just the head in, enough for her to feel it but want it deeper. He plays like this with her for a few minutes, stimulating her wildest fantasies and provoking her to beg for more. As she pokes her ass out for him, he grabs her neck with both hands so he could have a brace for what he was about to do. He thrusts deeply and vigorously- in, out, in, out. Rachel whimpers his name as she makes a mess squirting.
“Get on your back,” he demands, releasing her throat.
                He climbs on top of her and shoves his cock deep into her wet pussy. He stays like this for a few seconds, pulls out quickly and shoves it right back in.
“Oh my god, Jake. Nph… mmmph…”
Her moans get louder and more frequent when he starts fucking her harder and deeper. He lifts her legs up close to her head, rapidly penetrating her.
“Hold your legs,” he commands.
Now with the use of his hands again, he focuses on Rachel’s tight, wet pussy. Soon they’re moaning together, creating an even bigger, stickier mess. She can feel his semen shoot up inside her, deep and thick.
“Mmmm papi. [Panting from shortness of breath]”
“I love you.”
“I love you too, baby”
“What do we have to clean up with?” Jake asks while getting out and off of Rachel.
“Well, I wore two shirts here, so we can just use one of them,” she replies, showing him the clothes.
“Well it’ll have to do.”
                They clean themselves up as much as they could and started to pack up what they brought with them. They also place the dirty shirt in the book bag, both reluctant to touch it.
“That was amazing, Jake.”
“You were too, Rachel!”
                Jake climbs down first in order to help Rachel on her way down. They gather their things and set out to go back home, using their now dying phones for light, at least to get back to the road since it is dark under the bridge.
-Well this was really fun. Trains don’t seem that scary anymore, but they’re still loud as fuck! Mmm, I’m ready to go home now. I just want to lay down with Jake and relax...-
Stopping directly in front of Rachel, Jake asks, “So did you have a good time?”
“Why yes I did, baby! It was absolutely ecstatic!”
“Good! Did you also know that this is where we were going? To the bridge, I mean.”
“I kinda figured, since that’s the only place we’ve been going recently. But I still loved and appreciated it.        I really did, Jake. Thank you!”
“… Mm well good.”
                They reach where the train tracks meet back to the road, and no longer had use for their cell phones anymore due to street lights. Taking the same roads they did to get to the bridge, they made it back home safely, holding hands all the way there.”