Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Chapter One- Drug Dealer Demon

This is a new story that I have decided to begin writing. If you've read my other stories before, well, this may be nothing quite like them. Either way, please enjoy this first chapter. Questions, Comments, Requests?!

Chapter One


“Aaaand… how much is this going to cost me again?”

“Total? About 200 bucks. Take it or leave it.”

I wanted something.

Drugs. Not the bitchy kind either, I wanted the expensive ones. The ones that left your head spinning for days on end. The ones that made you hallucinate for hours. The ones that left you on the ground sprawling around as if you were drowning in a sea of chemicals.. chemicals racing through your brain, replacing every drop of blood in your body with homemade poison. White drugs, green drugs, different colored drugs. All mixed into one amazing trip.

“Fine, I’ll take them.”

As I took the bag of drugs and handed the dealer the money he began to count it like a greedy scrooge, snickering to himself the whole time. His face almost distorted in the name of greed and mistrust. His eyes turned a bright red, his back arched up as if his spine were trying to rip itself clean out of his body, his teeth became so intensely, wicked sharp. His snicker turned into laughter, a laugh so menacing and evil I began to tremble with fear. It wasn't a bad fear, it was a curious fear.

He’s a demon. A drug dealer demon. This means these drugs must be really strong!

His transformation was complete now. His hands were covered with black, sharp scales. His fingers were like bloody, used needles. His feet had grown so big they busted out his shoes, and looked like tar covered raven’s talons. He had grown wings. Black, tar covered, raven wings.  As I focused, star struck, on this man whom transformed into a beast, I noticed everything in the background began to fade to black…..

“What’re you staring at?” he asked.

I snapped out of my dream like state. He looked normal again, and no one seemed to notice anything unusual.

What the fuck was that?! How long must I have been staring at him?

“Oh, oh uh.. nothing. Goodbye.”

I turned to leave, power walking my way back to safety away from what I just saw. I put the drugs into my bra for safe keeping as I began to walk down the road, away from the ‘crime scene’.

 Oh man, this is going to be one badass trip. Now all I need to do is go buy some alcohol to top it all off. Hmm, what kind should I purchase? I’ll ask Jake.

I pulled out my DROID 3 cell phone, decorated only with the back half of an old, tattered pink case.

He might want some Jack, but maybe he will be in the mood for something different..

-riiiing…..riiiing…..riiiing… ‘Hello, you’ve reached-‘

-Sigh- No answer.  I guess I’ll get some Jack for him then.

To Be Continued...

Sneak Peek of Chapter Two

Chapter Two


 One by one they moved closer, forming an even tighter circle. I couldn’t help but notice what’s been growing in their pants by now. I could see the outlines of the snakes, slithering with eagerness to penetrate me.  Some were bigger than others, but for the most part they were all at least 7 inches in length. A few of them were juicy looking, even inside their pants. The closer they got, the more and more their snake-like cocks moved, looking for something to destroy, sensing my presence, wanting me.. 

Sunday, May 5, 2013


Lol aww, I feel low. The only person I feel is my best friend (out of fam) doesn't feel that I'm their best friend. How bad am I?