Friday, March 9, 2012

Switching majors

          Recently, I've been thinking about switching my major at the college I go to. As of now I'm going for my Associate in Arts degree. My original plan was to get my AA degree at this school and transfer out to a university for a degree in Graphic Design. I wanted to have a double major in Graphic Design and Sociology, and a minor in English.

I feel that are two reasons why I want to leave this goal for another.

          One, as of now all of the classes I am taking have nothing to do with want I really want to do. I really want to be a Logo Designer, but the classes I'm taking now aren't specifically directed to this. I know that whatever classes I'm taking now will transfer out to the university so I won't have to take them there, but it's kind of frustrating.

          The other reason why I want to switch is because ever since I started this blog, I've gained an interest in technology and things that relate to this. I've never been the computer savvy person, but it's actually an interesting subject; computers and all. I've been exposed to code-writing, things like Google Analytics, all of this stuff I didn't understand before are becoming a major interest to me. I'm not quite sure if the program I want to enter will help me with this, but it doesn't hurt to ask or try. I've been thinking about switching my major to Networking Technology.

          I have a friend who is going at this same school that is going for this degree. I need to ask him some questions, and go talk to my counselor. Hopefully I can finally find something for me to do; something that I want to do.

Thank you for you time.
Comments, questions, requests?

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  1. Networking Tech major sounds like it could help you with your Logo career. You could design and make websites for major companies.


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