Monday, June 22, 2015

Reconstructed outlook?

Don't you just love these spells where I don't post anything at all for a long time, and then all of a sudden come up here with a long list of updates and shit? Well here is another one.

- My son turns one years old soon, yay us.
- I am living with my boyfriend at the moment, we are doing well at the moment.
- I recently fixed my laptop, which is why I am updating this bloggy.
- I still have no friends, but I am closer to my family that what I used to be.
- I'm making more money at my job now, it helps.
- I plan on writing more of my unfinished story. I might actually go back through it and change some things, it could be so much better.
- I have come to realization that I may be a Nymphomaniac.
- Aaand..... I have snapchat. So, add me. (This sentence has nothing to do with the previous one, by the way. So irrelevant.)

I don't know, I feel like a whole lot hasn't happened since I last posted.

i deleted what i was originally going to say because i felt like i was complaining too much. so, there's that.

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