Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Fit momma in the making.

        Hello nobody, I want to talk to you again. I'm trying to do a lifestyle change here. I've been eating healthier, and exercising five days a week, with two rest days. I've been looking up healthy recipes to make for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and even snacks!

          I am trying to stay on this, and though many people call it a "diet", I always correct them and say it's a lifestyle change, it's hard sometimes. Especially since I have been sick twice within a month, the first time it was Bronchitis, and now it feels the same so I'm trying to stop it before it gets worse. No luck so far. But I want to do this not only so I can feel better about my body and how I look, but to be a good role model for my little baby.

          It would also be nice if I had someone to help with this, but I won't and can't push anyone but myself to get healthy.

          Currently I weigh 183.4 pounds, which is 33.4 pounds MORE than what I weighed before I became pregnant. I know it will take time for me to get back there, but honestly, the scale doesn't bother me all that much. It's not the number, but how I perceive how I look. To me, it ain't all that pretty. But since I have started making healthier choices, I have noticed some changes in how I look.

          Squats make the booty come about, and weight training is awesome for the entire body. I know the hardest part of my body I will have to change is my stomach, because much of the fat resides there. If I feel confident enough, I will post some pictures.

          But one thing that does make me feel good is something that happened the other day. I came home from work one day last week and as I walk into the house my little one immediately points to and pulls me over to my weights and exercise equipment and grunts, he can't speak a lot yet. He was telling me it was time to work out now that I was off work! I thought it was so cute that he has noticed what I have been doing.

          I will not quit.

                                                                                              PS, my snapchat name is Zindervault,

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